My passion for team building and personal development started over 20 years ago when I competed and coached as a Taekwondo Black Belt. During my career I was always looking for new ways to grow and develop both my students and my own skills.
I asked myself the following questions:
How could I get the team to work better together?
How could I get the best out of them?
How could I get them to see their own potential?
How could I make the work seem like fun?
The answer was to get them excited, fire up their passion and put them through not only physical challenges but mental challenges as well on their own and in a group.
During my quest over the years to find more interesting and exciting ways to create the ultimate team building and personal development activities I came across Firewalking and straight away knew I wanted to become a Firewalking Instructor.
Combining all my experiences I have now created the ultimate high octane personal development challenges that can be used to help individuals and teams super charge their confidence, Increase their self-belief and creativity. Show them that it is possible to overcome fears (Physical and Mental) and breakthrough their self-limiting beliefs.
All of our activities and events are designed to be fun and exhilarating while challenging our participants to step out of their comfort zones, face their fears and empower them to overcome adversity. Our activities are fantastic for developing team spirit and cohesion. They also provide a safe space for developing deeper emotional connections between participants. The results being happier, more creative and productive employees.
Some of the activities we offer are
· Fire Walking
· Glass walking
· Lego Walking
· Arrow snapping (with your throat)
· Wooden Board and brick breaking
· Rebar bending (with your throat)
· Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops
· Digital Treasure Hunts