Club Fundraising

Fundraising is a key element in any sports club, scouts group or club, but let’s be honest your options are limited when it comes to finding new and exciting ways to get people of all ages involved in your fundraising activities and keep those much need funds coming in.

Why not put the spark back into your fundraising events! Here At 4 Elements Firewalking we design and run fun and exciting experiential events that your members won’t forget in a hurry!! It’s a win- win for everybody! Team spirit is a key element in any club or group and our events not only help to further develop your team spirit, you will be the talk of your local community which will be great advertising for your club and your members will have an amazing time all while raising those much-needed funds.

  • Unique activities to enhance your team building and fundraising.
  • Fun, Safe and exhilarating experiences for your members.
  • Inclusive events for all family and club members.
  • Great advertising for your club
  • Free Live Registration Landing page and Thank you page after registration provided with             packages.